My indie game studio, working to build a sci-fi RPG focused on an original story and classic gameplay.

All designed with traditional 2-D art techniques and frame animation.

Pistola : Rectifier

Classic Animation


All characters are animated with dozens (if not hundreds) of individually drawn, frame-by-frame motion sequences. All without 3D rendering or skeletal puppeteering.

Unique Visuals


All maps and backdrops are one-of-a-kind illustrated images. 2-dimensionally drawn, with implied depth and perspective, programmed to provide 3D interaction and functionality.

Grand Scale


A meticulously crafted, original universe built on extensive lore and story. Everything is carefully planned; faction hierarchies, technology, ship naming conventions, character backstories, etc.

Explosive Combat


A streamlined, action-packed modern take on turn-based combat. Emphasis on action and skill yet balanced with a healthy dose of stat and  equipment management.

Challenges and Quests


First and foremost, a single-player RPG experience rooted in story. Gameplay supplemented with a plethora of side quests, mini games, and more.

The Galaxy Awaits


Tread lightly as you explore a vast section of volatile space in your trusty ship. Engage with pirates in a nearly lawless swath of systems, locked between two warring empires.

Dev updates

More to come...

Stay tuned as we continue development. As a small team of hobbyist developers, progress without funding is a slow (but steady) process. An unfortunate side effect of being a small unfunded team means we're slow to update our social platforms, as for now we're prioritizing our limited dev time to game assets. 

But rest assured- unless we announce otherwise or remove this page, production remains active.